THINK OUTSIDE the BOX to learn English faster

I love a good call to break out of the traditional boring classroom lesson!

The FUTURE of Learning


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Whenever I hear someone say to me to think outside the box I always imagine myself going outside and standing on my head.  It’s a great place to start. It shakes down all those ideas that were blocking the top of your head to the bottom and the ones that were stuck at the bottom can trickle up to the top.

Nice way to look at it.

But basically this title of ‘thinking outside the box’ is really all about being creative, trying something new and not being afraid to fail.

So let’s first look at what is ‘thinking inside the box’:

  • Taking a course
  • Doing your homework
  • Getting a one to one teacher

As you can see I have only written 3 and that is because ‘thinking inside the box’ is incredibly limited. … That’s why we recommend thinking outside the box.


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